Summer sleeping in

I slept in until noon. I sat watching an Oprah movie for 24 minutes and I couldn’t take it anymore. It was July 9th. Midsummer. You cannot spend your day off of work in front of the tv in the house under the roof. I needed to be outside. 

The bee balm was ripe for the bees. Artie played a dangerous game. 

Pipi knows better, always.

Pip is getting better. She has a scab on her knee. We worked on stretching out her core to help her use her back leg again. Bing cherries for the reward.

Birds were flying, chirping, and calling. I sat and listened to the quiet Sunday night. The smell of my hung outside tshirt made the evening even better. I missed my spouse-elect. 

Pangs of hangry

The weather was WRONG.

Pipi continues to improve and was quite restless today even after the pain pills that can be used for sedation.

I remained aggravated and angry at myself for not going for a walk in the glorious world of summer. It will be gone so soon.

I heard the first cicadas today. A sign that summer is nearly ending.