Freighters in the sea

As I reached three thirty pm today, I realized I still had six hours left to work. I was so spacey and didn’t feel like working. But I will forever and always need the money. We are just now getting by well with the extra hours I’ve had and SO had up until last week. Naturally because we’ve been struggling so much over the last few years, the credit cards are completely maxed and paying those down is such an incredibly slow process. Forty and still over fifty thousand in debt. Two of the cards I’ve had for ten years. That’s double the amount of years I used those cards. Probably still paying off the inauguration of Barack Obama. <sigh>

And my shiny black piano Vaio laptop. That only lasted a few years too. The mistakes we make when we’re young and make horrible choices. Living way beyond our means. And now, I’m here. Frustrated because I’ve worked sixty hour weeks since September and still nothing to show for it. That’s not true. Pip’s double knee replacements are nearly paid off. Just a little over a thousand to go. Then I’ll start working on the other, first surgery that didn’t work. Anyway, I love you.

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