What’s the worst thing a dog could chew up to maximize embarrassment?

August 1.

Will this be the very last day we see the Orioles before they leave? Hmm, I think it might be. They haven't visited the grape jelly feeder for sometime. Nothing like a month ago or so. They will travel so far.

Pipi had to get her blood drawn. Check her liver enzymes and make sure all is ok.

She gets so freaked out when we put an ice pack on her sore leg or knee. Today she ran and lay down on top of Artie's arm. Very uncharacteristic.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out laundry. Avoiding crabby people. Drinking lemonade tea to curb my appetite. And napping.

I cannot be mad at myself because of what I did or did not do today. If I failed it's because I couldn't find the spirit to complete any tasks. When I go back to work tomorrow I will sit and stare at all the things I didn't do. That's what I always end up doing. I looked into loans and refinancing and couldn't find any way to help pay for any of the debt or renovations we'd like. But I did find the Walking Dead zombie string lights I've wanted for years. They're on eBay with the Sony Walkman I want and all the past things that I've given to a landfill and that are still in a landfill never to break down. Ever.

Oh depression. Where would I be without you? My life is so crabby and annoying. I can't believe how dissatisfying it is sometimes. Everyone goes through money challenges, but like this?

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