The Big Dipper lets me know I am alive

I guess this is the best picture I’ve ever taken of the stars. With my iTelephone. This is next to Deadman’s curb. When the sun goes down the Big Dipper spans the west to the north in our backyard. It’s huge. When I wake up it looks like this.

I like the way the leaves have stains the sidewalk here. Perfect silhouettes beneath the street light.

Just as the dogs had given up on leaving the house in the car ever again, I took them for a ride. It was in the low seventies and the sun was religious. For about half the day I struggled with intestinal scraping or gas pains of some sort. I drove past a sign saying the silent killer. It was for Ovarian cancer and that was reason 76 I should never leave the house again.

Also, a store that has been here all my life is now shut down. My consort stopped shopping there because of the owners who would talk her to the point of insanity.

Twenty five years ago

I was drunk. I was hurting inside feeling terrible about Tami my cousin’s maid of honor at her wedding. Oh my god. I had such a huge crush on her. I had more fun with those bridesmaids than anyone else. They gave me the attention I craved. Probably the best wedding I ever went to. For sure the most fun and memorable. Twenty five years ago. I miss my mom.

Today was my only day off

Oh poor you.

It had finally stopped raining and looking terrible dark and gloomy out.

But I slept until 11 and didn’t get outside until the sun was so low on the horizon, it made it very difficult to see the piles of dung all over the yard.

One week without mice.

I felt like garbage buying my dog’s medication online where I could spend at least $20 less than I usually would if I purchased it directly from the vet. I felt bad I was taking away business from my vet.

Oh man, back to work manana. So tired and unrested. At least there was la petite mort and some sleep. Now I feel like I’m getting a cold. Da fuq

And is it right? Butterfly

In the 90’s, I didn’t have any friends who thought Tori Amos was the bomb. I had to go to college and meet up with someone I really loved back in the day but totally strictly friendship love, never the torrid other kind.

Somehow I just remembered Tori Amos was on the Tonight Show with that horrible man. Of course it’s on YouTube. Of course it is! Anyway, having Tori Amos in my head and singing those great lyrics while I prepare my dogs and cats their breakfast is pretty much the way I want to start all my days. I read the lyrics and I never knew she said

You thought that you were the bomb well so did I

And now I have a slight boner.

She was never played on the radio, I don’t thinks maybe Cornflake Girl and I have no clue how I got involved with her but to hear a woman in the 90’s even though she was a little out there was so good for me. I remember I went to her concert and bought a ticket outside the arena from some person and he said $10 and I was like how about $20? I never was a good haggler.

In between the mice in the basement and the busy work days I’m slightly losing my sanity but listening to 90s music is quite distracting. I watched the video for All Saints – Never Ever and I stared at that girls cleavage and the slight shake of it. ⚰️

Sexual turn-ons change. I guess I’m into breasts now.

Helmet jelly

Just a dog on the couch with an afghan. It was suicide gray out. Rain, leaves, boring day. I had to have lights on. I worked somewhat hard and listened to Westworld two times. Then I had anger issues and scared everyone. Ugh. I hate my life and myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!